Here I am.

bookcover-1Welcome the the official page of author/producer/man of unrealistic expectation, Spencer Austin.

I’ll be adding more to this site as soon as I’ve worked out how the by-jiggedy it works and once I’ve had another couple of crumpets, way-to-strong coffee and a little shout at the computer.

Meantime, you can check out my latest book ‘Chasing the Eighties’, about how I travelled around the USA visiting 1980s movie locations (think Goonies, Police Academy, Stand By Me…) and meeting the stars, trying to cure nostlagia by saying one massive goodbye to eighties. SeeĀ for all sorts of videos and stuff.


Or, you can check out my internet TV show on ITV, where I’ve been spending all football season supporting a team until they lose, then supporting the team who beats them. Starting randomly at Grimsby, I’ve been living in travel taverns all over the country for 9 months trying to fall back in love with my country: …and the book will be out in August!