‘I am The Gloryhunter’ OUT NOW!

Well poke me in the eyes with a pointed Pepperami and call me Leonard…IT’S HERE AT LAST!

My new book, ‘I am The Gloryhunter is walloping on the market today…available from good and terrible bookshops as well as being smeared all over the internet at the Amazons and Play.com and Waterstones and all those gaffs. Know the Score Books can dispatch immediately and the rest will have it in a week.

In case you missed the stupidity of my show on ITV.com…it’s the story of my year of wanton football slaggery, as I randomly drew a football team out of a hat and immediately threw down my life to live in the place and support the club until they lost…at which point I moved to whoever beat them. Ten months of travel taverns, pies and bizarre encounters with strangers (not in a George Michael sort of way).

Even if you’re not into football, please, for the love of of my weightless wallet and the subsequent new pair of Clark’s shoes I’ll use the money for, please forward this page to anyone in your group of friends, family, acquaintances or her from accounts who you had a fling with last Christmas, after which she got a bit weird and clingy way too early in the relationship and now you hardly speak at the watercooler, you dirty, dirty little sod.

And if you feel you need more words what I’ve wroted, my other book ‘Chasing the Eighties‘ is still available. In fact, I’m sure at Amazon you can buy both and get a very tasty deal, like a Boots meal-deal, but bookified.

In the words of Shakin’ Stevens, merry Christmas everyone.

One thought on “‘I am The Gloryhunter’ OUT NOW!

  1. Dear Isambard,
    On Wednesday there was no telly in Twickenham, fortuitously Amazon chose this exact day to deliver unto me your latest literary effort. An excellent day’s entertainment, witty, pacy, a little bit scary and I don’t think you have offended anyone unduly, except maybe supporters of Keith FC? An entertaining and amusing squint at human behaviour and not pretending to understand or analyse it in the least. Highly recommended to all by me.

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