Bushwise Diaries – Episode 2 is here!

Lions and lions and lions, honestly, I’m not lion (lying). The South African winter continues to make me wear a beany hat that makes me look like I work on the bins rather than staring professionally at warthogs. So, episode 2 is here, and as I sit here in the living room with the cat peering over at me in a manner I had previously perceived as being loving devotion (but now realise it’s him sizing me up for a particularly gruesome kill), London starts seeming a million miles away from adventures in the bush. Pull up a chair, or a beanbag, or – stop being pedantic – anything you can flipping sit on (jeeesh), and enjoy my bush. (childish guffaw).

Ladies and gentlecats, I bring you, Bushwise Diaries – episode 2…

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