We Are Rhino – I WON STUFF!!


POSTER 10.12It’s been 4 months since I wrapped up and threw my short film ‘We Are Rhino’ into the viscous ether to be judged, snarled at and commented upon as though it were a slab of meat down the Asda fridge bits. Since then, apart from moving to Singapore to produce a very un-rhino-ey TV show (which I’ll finish up on soon and fly home from), I’ve entered the film into so many international film festivals and competitions that I suspect some of them weren’t even film competitions or festivals. I’m expecting emails telling me it’s the new Miss Burkina Faso or it’s won at Foxy Bingo or that it’s entitled to a free run of business cards from VistaPrint.


Such was my filmic sluttishness, that I have actually walked off wearing a load of laurels (which, I discovered, are just little awardy graphics, and not head-pieces that I actually get to wear – distraught). Here’s the boast-down:


  • WINNER – ‘Short Documentary Award of Merit’ – Accolade Competition 2013.
  • NOMINEE – UK Film Festival ‘Best Short Documentary’ 2013.
  • Official Selection – Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2014
  • Official Selection – Monarch Film Festival 2013
  • Official Selection – Animal Film Festival 2014


AND there’s still around 20 festivals yet to be announced. If it wins nothing else, I’ll still be happy (although I will start bitterly adding up all the entrance fees, pulling a really grubby old face and muttering the word ‘cheat’ here and there…in fact, just watch an interview with David Moyes…that). Of course, I shall update with further glorious victories, probably using similar rhetoric to that pumped out of North Korea (although if I lose I will not – I repeat – I will not execute my uncle..I may twist his belly fats, but no execution here, no siree).


Meantime…by all means visit the film website www.wearerhinofilm.com for more info…or to even watch the thing into your eyeballs.


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