‘Chasing the Eighties’ Book




The ultimate 80’s binge … beers with Chunk from The Goonies … breakfast with Howling Mad Murdoch … advice on sex from Police Academy’s Hightower … a disastrous recreation of Dirty Dancing’s lake lift … an odd encounter with Oscar The Grouch … orgasms where Harry Met Sally … and guess what? Johnny 5 is alive!

30,000 miles
150 movie and TV locations
25 interviews…

Recently, three men careering hopelessly towards the end of their twenties decided to undertake a ridiculous romp of sheer nostalgic indulgence.

It was to be one last look back to the glorious past before they decided to be grown ups and think about the present and the future. But first, it was all about Ghostbusters, Goonies, Guttenberg, blood, sweat and Corey Haim.

The tour lasted three months and began and ended in Toronto, home of Police Academy. Over the 12 weeks, they met Chunk from the Goonies, Hightower, Hooks, Harris and Callahan from Police Academy, Jesse Ventura, Oscar the Grouch, Howling Mad Murdoch, Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell among many others.

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